Le Tartine Di Teresa

It Started, Quite Simply, Like This…

My name is Teresa Pareja. I lived in Verona (Italy) for 21 years, until March 2014 when I moved to Miami with one goal: to create my own business and make my tartines known. My nephew Yasdiel and his wife Anet immediately loved the idea. They also lived in Verona and took care of sales (equipment and medical instruments). They enjoyed visiting the best restaurants in Veneto and together we decided to unite and give life to Le Tartine Di Teresa.

In Verona I discovered my passion for healthy, genuine cuisine, without sacrificing flavor. I started cooking for family and friends and I gradually focused my ability in the preparation of events. In Italy we tried to open our own business, but obtaining licenses and permits was much more complex than here in America. After visiting Miami, we knew that Coral Gables was the city where our dream could take shape. We’ve created a space with a simple and refined atmosphere, where you can enjoy good food and good wine. Today our dream is a reality, and it’s only the beginning!!


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94 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL, 33134
(305) 200-3216